Our latest Monk Fan of the Week, Sarah, uses yoga to cope with her own OCD. Here is her entry...

Sarah C.

To all Monk Fans out in this scary world, I shout an evenly pronounced hello!

I am Sarah, and my family, friends, and I are adamant and very compulsive followers of Monk’s die hard adventures. In fact, we crave the show's charm, charisma and Monk himself. What an amazing and scared little man! However he harbors an odd attractiveness, full of... mystery, and... insanity.

I, too, have O.C.D (and my mother does as well. However, she is no where near as… well, crazy and sadistic, as Monk's mother dearest). Fortunately for me, I am not as O.C.D-ed out as Monk is, and have found a surprising and amazing way to cope with my disorder through yoga. In fact, I think it would be both flattering and hilarious for Tony Shalhoub undertake a "yoga" episode for Monk.

Which leads me in a full and perfect circle to my favorite episode: "Mr. Monk Takes his Medicine". Mr. Shalhoub's terrific knack for the mannerisms of a person with O.C.D also skyrockets with his performance as a relaxed and "almost cool cat". He becomes more open and free, and still underneath this mask carries the persona and sheltered sorrow of Monk.

Not only does this episode contain the spirit of amusement, it also is a beacon of great acting and a huge message I found profound: that drugs can cure perhaps the symptoms of a disease, but change the person they are trying to help beyond knowledge of themselves and their friends.

I know this for the greatest truth, for although drugs can treat you, they can also rid you of yourself. In fact, Mr. Monk says all the time "It is a gift... and a curse." and this is also true. In fact, in the odd twistings of fate, I used to say this in sixth grade when my O.C.D was particularly difficult for me: "It is a blessing ... and a curse."  Great minds think alike, yes? The first time I heard him say those words, I was astonished, and chills ran their way joyfully down my spine. For him to say almost those same words was a sign, it felt like this show was meant for me.

Thank you Tony Shalhoub and all of the cast, and hard workers at Monk, for making me feel not only more at home in this "scary" disease-ridden world, but also for the valuable time you have brought to my house for family bonding, and the f word... fun!

I think that this picture relates quite well to my favorite episode, because I just got done doing my yoga -- and there, I feel genuinely free, because it is just all of me -- and no external chemicals within my body. I can function with my O.C.D. normally and wholly with yoga, while still being myself with an impeccably passion for life! Thank you again, for your time, your show, and for making a difference in peoples lives.

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