Our latest Monk Fan of the Week is actually two fans: Kelly and Lindsay, presidents of the unofficial Monk fan club (currently 4 members strong). Each new episode of Monk is accompanied by various rituals performed by the club members, none more impressive than the devouring of an entire Monk cake! The club has declared "Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month" to be their favorite episode, though we're uncertain if this was a unanimous decision, or a consensus that resulted from a heated battle which may or may not have involved cake throwing.  Here is their entry:

Kelly and Lindsay

Hi! Our names are Kelly and Lindsay. We are the presidents of the unofficial Monk fan club. We started this club in 2003, when I (Lindsay) moved here from Pennsylvania and met Kelly. We quickly bonded with our love for Monk.

Every Friday night, we met at one of our homes and intently watched Monk together trying desperately to crack the case before we heard Monk say the dreaded words, “Here’s what happened…”. This meant our time to solve the case was up and the episode would soon be over.

This Friday tradition soon included many Monk parties. Our first party consisted of a total lockdown of the TV room, which was completely decorated in Monk décor and a twenty-four hour marathon of non-stop Monk. We even had pizza delivered to the window. Our Monk fan club had officially taken off.

With the start of the fan club, we decided to instate rituals to the premiere and closing episode of each season as well as when any major event happened in a season. For the first couple rituals we lit a candle and dedicated it to Monk and at the end of the ceremony we simultaneously blew it out. After Sharona left the show we were devastated. So, in her honor we added a second candle dedicated to her. Although our Monk club and ceremonies were fun, our group needed to expand and coincidentally two of our best friends opted to join.

They started with us at the beginning of the fourth season and have taken part in every Monk activity and have come to love Monk as much as we do. Our best memory together as a whole group was at the end of the fourth season in which we had not only our closing ceremony, but we all wore our Monk t-shirts and ate a delicious Monk cake closing the season on a great note.

As you can tell, we always have fun watching Monk together. Especially when we can all laugh at the “Monkisms” as we like to call them. We all agree that our favorite episode is “Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month” because all of our favorite aspects of the show were included. First of all at the beginning we weren’t shown who the killer was, so we were left to figure it out. Also, Monk sat down to talk with Dr. Kroger, which is always funny. Along with all the Monk quirks in the episode, we also love when “Clean up in aisle 4” is announced and Monk runs to the aisle screaming, “I called it, coming through, I got it, its mine!”

By the way, the picture was taken at the end of the fourth season party and includes from left to right; Lindsay, Katherine, Kelly and Camryn.

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