• SEASON 5

Sacrificial Lam (#5_507)
EPISODE PREMIERE: April 27, 2012

James, Mary's father, has the entire WITSEC team and the FBI on a manhunt. While they are busy trying to locate him, James, the clever man that he is, manages to make his way to New Jersey where he gets revenge for the death of his son. And later, he pays Jinx a visit in Florida where he apologizes for his past wrongdoings.

Back in Albuquerque, Mary and Delia are tailed, which leads Mary to believe that Sully's men have found her. However, as Mary soon learns, the men actually work for Agent O'Connor who is convinced that Mary is working with her father.

But even Agent O'Connor and strict orders to stay away from her father's case can't keep Mary from searching for her father. An old photograph and some surprisingly useful advice from Ronnie Dalembert help Mary to track down James. Unfortunately, shortly after catching him, Mary and James find themselves caught in a dangerous shootout that ends with James unexpectedly putting his own life in danger in order to protect Mary.

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