• SEASON 5

The Merry Wives of WITSEC (#5_504)

After John Arnett/Wilson has a bad encounter with a doctor that harvests organs, he, his wife, and his two children enter WITSEC. At first, Marshall thinks John and his family are charming, but not surprisingly, Mary thinks they're creepy. And as usual, it turns out that Mary is right. Less than a week into the program, the team discovers that John has a second car, house, wife and daughter – in other words, a second life. As a result, Mary and the rest of the team end up having to keep not one but two families – who just found out about each other – safe and happy.

Mary also struggles to find a babysitter. The search hasn't been going very well since Mary seems to find something wrong with each candidate. Luckily, Mark, who is even more eager to find a babysitter, is able to convince Mary to let his mother Joanna babysit Norah while they figure things out. And love is in the air for both Stan and Marshall; Stan shares a romantic breakfast with Lia, his salsa teacher, and Marshall asks Abigail a very big question.

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