• SEASON 5

Four Marshals and a Baby (#5_502)
EPISODE PREMIERE: March 23, 2012

With Jinx out of town and Mark busy with a last minute business trip, Mary has no choice but to head to work with Norah in tow. But when Mary arrives, Delia points out the obvious: Mary can't be with Norah and a witness at the same time. Fortunately, as Mary soon learns, Delia, Stan and Marshall make pretty good babysitters.

Mary's first meeting of the day is with Beth Wilcox, a doll collector who entered the program five years ago. Beth's landlord has been threatening to post a video of her on the Internet, which Beth and Mary both know could be a problem for Beth. Mary sends Delia to evaluate the situation at Beth's apartment so that she can check in on Carlos Ramirez, an alpaca farmer, who is worried someone from his previous life may have spotted him in town.

Meanwhile, Marshall and Abigail are trying to determine whether or not Kristi Owens should enter WITSEC and Associate Director Campbell gives Stan some surprising news about the future of the Albuquerque office.

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