• SEASON 5

Drag Me to Hell (#5_505)
EPISODE PREMIERE: April 13, 2012

Even with Joanna babysitting Norah and Brandi addressing her alcohol problems in rehab, things are still chaotic in Mary's life. Douglas Hampton/Harvey, a drag performer who was known as Kandy back in New Orleans, joins the program after accidentally interrupting a drug deal between a club manager and a member of a dangerous drug cartel. The team tells Douglas that he must leave Kandy and his performance act behind, but the frustration of his new life sends him back onto the stage and into the spotlight.

To add to the drama, Mary is hit by surprise when Marshall tells her about his engagement, followed by an awkward encounter with her ex, Raph, who she learns is now married (to a blonde). And on top of all that, her father, James, shows up at her front door asking for help.

Luckily, Mary does get a break from her stressful week when she meets Kenny, a single father, who sparks her interest enough for her to actually give him a chance.

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