• SEASON 5

The Anti-Social Network (#5_501)
EPISODE PREMIERE: March 16, 2012

With Mark co-parenting, Jinx playing babysitter and Brandi day-trading with their half-brother in Florida, Mary is finally ready to return to work for the first time since having baby Norah six months ago.

WITSEC's latest witness is Ivan Gunter, a college student and a member of an elite eating club that runs a gambling website. When Ivan witnesses Brockton Jr., the president of the eating club, murder a fellow member, Ivan knows that he and his mother are in serious danger and in need of WITSEC's help.

And to make matters worse, Delia "temporarily" took Mary's desk while Mary was away, Dr. Finkel won't give Mary her gun back until she opens up about shooting a suspect, and much to Mary's frustration, Jinx calls Mary during work to tell her that Norah sat up in a tutu! It looks like being a mother and a U.S. Marshal isn't easy. Good thing Mary likes a challenge.

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