• SEASON 5

All's Well That Ends (#5_508)

Jinx and a pregnant Brandi reunite with Mary in Albuquerque so the family can deal with James' death together. While Jinx focuses on hosting a party, Mary must figure out how best to honor her father and what to do with the suitcase full of money he left in her basement.

At work, Mary must help her witness Casey Lane/Barnett, a former model with a drug habit, figure out what to do with her life. Also, Mary learns that Stan has been promoted to Deputy Director and Marshall has been appointed Chief of the Albuquerque office. While everyone is excited by the news, it means that Stan will have to move to Washington and possibly leave Lia behind.

After Marshall gets in trouble with Abigail over his relationship with Mary, he realizes that he has no choice but to confront Mary about it. When Mary and Marshall do finally talk, the conversation is uncomfortable, but they both acknowledge that while they're each other's soul mates, things have to change. And later, at Stan's farewell dinner, Mary shows her willingness to change by having Kenny join the group.

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