EPISODE PREMIERE: April 21, 2010

Mary and Marshall try to help FBI Agent Mike Faber convince his informant to enter WitSec. Despite their best efforts, the informant refuses their protection and gets himself into a heap of trouble. Meanwhile, Stan has to deal with an ex-boxer/witness suffering from pugilistic dementia.

The FBI and WitSec are working together to protect a whistle-blower and it appears Mary has met her match. Mary and Special Agent Mike Faber butt heads when she arrives. She also finds out that Earl Donaldson hasn't been told about all of his witness protection possibilities.

When Donaldson finally chooses to enter witness protection, he jeopardizes his family's safety by telling them about his choice in a bugged house. The FBI’s money laundering case then turns into a kidnapping investigation. WitSec and the FBI must race against time in the hopes of finding their witness who has actually taken matters into his own hands.

Back in ABQ, Stan McQueen is helping an ex-boxer who is experiencing dementia. His fighting days long behind him, Ricky Dumont believes he's still a heavyweight and that Stan is his old trainer. McQueen is burdened with the responsibility of breaking the bad news to Dumont.

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