FBI Agent Mike Faber returns to Mary's life when he gives her a new witness: Natalie, a key witness and co-conspirator in a nationwide mortgage fraud scheme which was operated by major gangs to raise millions for drugs and weapons. Mary is forced to work closely with Faber, who appears to have an alternate agenda: sparking a romance between the two.

Marshall packs his bags for a witness escort out of state, leaving Mary behind in Albuquerque with FBI agent Mike Faber, who's in town with a federal witness in need of protection from the Russian mob.

Natalie Vickers was once a part of a mortgage scam in Los Angeles, but now she's under Mary and Faber's watch. Seemingly too nonchalant about entering WitSec, Natalie has apparently attracted her accomplice and boyfriend to Albuquerque where they continue to operate real estate fraud and get caught in the process.

The sexual tension between Mary and Faber rises, as the two of them work closely to stop Natalie from indulging in her criminal past. When Mary realizes that Natalie is doing it all for love, the boyfriend becomes a target of the FBI. Yet, Faber has another conflict to deal with, his superior officer in charge, Ike Dennis. After being promoted, Ike doesn't gel any more with the lower ranks.

Mary softens to Faber as they mix business with pleasure. When Faber tells her how he really feels, Mary has to decide whether to open her heart to him.

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