A woman from an organized crime family experiences a major health scare and witnesses her beloved niece repeating all of her mistakes. After she becomes vocal about her disapproval of her family's life, her cousin threatens her and she decides to take action and turn to the Feds. One problem: she has a secret that puts her status in Witness Protection in jeopardy, so she turns to the one person who can help – her new friend Mary Shannon.

Mia Cusato’s life turns upside down after she shoots and kills her own uncle who was attempting to "whack" her. But Cusato's future in WitSec is imperiled after she reveals a condition she's hidden from her family, a condition that may make her a questionable federal witness against her mob boss husband.

Cusato and Mary hit it off when Mary discovers that their lives aren't so different from one another. Mary pulls all the stops to make sure that Cusato will remain protected while being interviewed by the attorney in charge of the case.

Marshall also has his hands full with a witness, Patrick, who has secretly been involved with his gay lover, Bob. Bob had relocated to Albuquerque after Patrick entered WitSec. Marshall must figure out a way to talk Bob into entering WitSec so that the two can live together.

Jinx comes close to relapsing after Brandi reveals that she has a half-brother, fathered by Jinx's ex-husband. But Mary helps her mother see what a great life she now leads in the hopes that Jinx will exorcise alcoholism's demons.

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