GILTED LILY (#2_201)
EPISODE PREMIERE: April 19, 2009
When a witness turns up dead, Mary ditches administrative leave to solve a 10 Little Indians story-until her own brand of Post-Traumatic-Stress disorders her plan.

After waking from a restful thirty hours of sleep, Mary Shannon feels surprisingly fine despite her recent harrowing ordeal (being drugged, kidnapped and almost raped and killed at the hands of the maniacal "Spanky"). She's still not particularly thrilled with her sister, Brandi, who got Mary into that special brand of hell in the first place, or her mother, Jinx, who is obsessing over the letters from her estranged father Mary shared with her, but on the whole, she feels alright.

When Stan asks Mary to assist and advise Marshall on investigating the death of one of Mary's inherited witnesses-because Mary is on Administrative Leave-she doesn't even get pissed off. Marshall finds Mary's "it's-good-to-be-alive" attitude more unsettling than if she were experiencing the typical symptoms of PTSD, but for the moment, they're not going to overanalyze her good spirits.

Working the case is actually helping Mary keep herself together even though the death of Lily Adams is not the straightforward suicide it first appears to be. Now Marshall and Mary must work with Detective Bobby D. to protect Lily's three adult children and unravel a new twist in a case that had been put to bed years earlier.

In the midst of this confounding case, Stan introduces Mary and Marshall to the new Office Administrator, Eleanor Prince. Eleanor formerly worked in the FBI HQ in Phoenix for eight years until her husband, an agent, was killed in a car accident. Within minutes of starting her job, Eleanor has rearranged the inspectors' desks and convinced Mary to give the new configuration a try for a week-that is until Mary finally snaps. After Mary lashes out at Stan for keeping her from doing her job, she shoves her desk back into its original place and storms out of the office. Maybe Mary isn't so fine after all.

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