EPISODE PREMIERE: August 3, 2008
Mary continues to help her witness, Natasha, the mild-mannered accountant from the pilot, adjust to her new life, which becomes more complicated when she discovers her boyfriend is also in WITSEC.

Tasha, Mary's witness from the first episode, has invited Mary and Marshall to her apartment to meet her new boyfriend who she met through a dating service. Mary's pleased that her sad young innocent victim of a witness has finally found the happiness she deserves. The problem is that the marshals realize that not only do they already know the young Ukrainian's beau, but also only two months ago they processed his WITSEC paperwork and now he's Marshall's witness. Neither of the lovebirds knows the other one's status...that is until Tasha runs into Mary and Marshall at Serge's house and the couple puts two and two together. Naturally, they're even more elated that they have another fundamental thing in common. Mary and Marshall, however, now have a problem on their hands.

What Tasha doesn't know is that the new love of her life, Sergei "Serge" Mijnic, is a Russian con man, but Mary is not at liberty to tell her that, despite the fact that Serge has convinced Tasha to quit her bookkeeping job to work at a trashy sports bar wearing a skimpy outfit. Not only is it against WITSEC rules to allow two witnesses to date, but on top of that, Mary is convinced that Serge is conning Tasha and she will stop at nothing to prove it-including scanning a copy of Serge's computer's hard drive or posing as an eligible bachelorette who's really into Eastern European guys for the dating service.

Meanwhile, Brandi, who has let Mary buy her a plane ticket back to New Jersey, sneaks out of the airport after her older sister drops her off to hole herself up in a dumpy motel to await instructions for unloading her suitcase of meth from her louse of a boyfriend, Chuck. But, as usual, Brandi has a hard time following directions and instead decides to take matters into her own hands in order to protect an innocent life. What she doesn't realize is that she may have just made the situation much worse for herself.

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