Alexandra B.

My favorite part of In Plain Sight, without a doubt, is Marshall. He may quite possibly be my perfect man: brilliant, witty, and sensitive. With a wealth of nutty tidbits at his brain's disposal, he can (appropriately) change the tone of any situation, calming Mary down in a matter of seconds.

The fact that he can hold his own in witty banter with Mary is also a perk. Most people don't quite get her (a problem I face as well), and finding someone who does is rare indeed. Finally, he cares — about Mary and his witness — and he's not afraid to show it. While I absolutely love Mary (who wouldn't?), Marshall is why I tune in.

If I was forced to start all over again with a new identity and life, I'd want to be a U.S. Marshal in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Then, I could join in on the witty repartee, perhaps start a romance with Marshall, and be a part of the real fun.

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