Mason S.

I think that being able to move to a new place and start fresh is something everyone would either do without question, or at least like to try. It would without a doubt be a challenge, but nothing I couldn't handle.

In Plain Sight has to be without a doubt sharing the slot of being my favorite show of all time with Alias. In Plain Sight is an amazing action drama series that brings a whole bunch of incredible personalities together and allows them to play out dynamically. Ultimately, my favorite character would have to be Mary. Her hardened personality and her "mess with me and I'll take you down" demeanor is something I've always wanted. Her dry humor and quick-witted comebacks are brilliant and her character is someone I would love to be. I'm very fond of Brandi as well because of the comic-relief she brings to the action and intensity of the show. The little things she does always puts a smile on my face, even the littlest thing of Mary calling her by her nickname, 'Squish.'

If I were forced into witness protection, I would love to relocate to London, England. But if I'm limited to the United States, New York would be brilliant. I'm a trendy artist at heart, and New York would be perfect for my creative personality. The architecture, the city life, it's all wonderfully appealing to me and it is something I could adapt to perfectly. I wouldn't mind a nice little apartment on a busy street or maybe even a single family home away from the city life, and then be able to visit the life that is New York City whenever I please.

I would change my name to something like Milo Reynolds or maybe a different last name, in tribute to the main idea that my first favorite television show ever, Alias, revolved around - Milo Rambaldi. I would love to be a video game journalist for a living, or even just a regular journalist in general. There's so much life in New York, that job would be a piece of cake.

My name's Mason S. and I'm so glad to have discovered the thrill that is In Plain Sight. I mean, with so many television shows on these days, it's great to find one that not only sinks its teeth into you, but it holds you there through thick and thin.

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