• SEASON 2

EPISODE PREMIERE: March 16, 2012

After being fired, Kate returns to work and mediates a case between a corporation and former employee whose granddaughter claims he was exposed to harmful chemicals.

A month after her firing, Kate makes a triumphant return to Reed & Reed-and this time she's an equal partner in the firm. Though Lauren isn't exactly overjoyed to have her back, she has a bigger problem to worry about: keeping Reed & Reed solvent. Fortunately, a new mediation could offer a solution to Reed & Reed's financial woes. That is, if Kate can keep the mediation-between a cancer-stricken former factory worker and the chemical company that may have knowingly exposed him to harmful chemicals-on track.

As usual, that proves more complicated than anticipated. Sam, the plaintiff, doesn't want money from chemical company Manwaring-but he does want the truth. And Kate will do whatever it takes to help him get it, even if it means derailing the negotiation, angering Reed & Reed's powerful client, and clashing with Sam's aggressive, money-hungry lawyer Ben Grogan.

Unfortunately for Kate, even if she manages to resolve the case she might not be rid of Ben, because the up-an-coming attorney might hold the solution to Reed & Reed's financial troubles. And if Ben's arrival isn't enough to worry about, there's more bad news facing Kate: thanks to a disturbing revelation from Justin and a leaky propane stove on her boat, her personal life is about to go up in flames.

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