• SEASON 2

EPISODE PREMIERE: April 13, 2012

While mediating bankruptcy negotiations, Kate decides to help a client who's unable to pay his mortgage because of a drug-dealer tenant.

When a local bank comes to Reed & Reed for help handling their foreclosure caseload, Kate begrudgingly helps out. But it's not long before she leaves Leo holding the bag with the bank while she tries to help a foreclosure candidate named Eddie Salinas save his mother's apartment building. After making a deal with the bank, there are only two people standing in Kate's way: the resident drug dealer whose business has been driving away tenants, and his unscrupulous, but effective, attorney. Though the lawyer, Travis, happens to be a childhood friend/competitor of Ben's, the reunion quickly goes sour, and soon Kate's struggle to save Eddie's building escalates into a full-blown battle of the attorneys.

While Kate and Ben battle it out against Travis, Lauren takes on a fight of her own against District Attorney Davidson, Justin's boss and campaign rival. When she learns that Davidson is planning to go public with the story of Justin's infidelity, Lauren must decide whether to stand by as Kate's personal life becomes tabloid fodder, or find a way to stop the DA-at the risk of her own career.

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