• SEASON 2

EPISODE PREMIERE: March 30, 2012

Judge Nicastro orders Kate to mediate an insurance dispute between a fishing boat Captain and a deckhand who suffered a debilitating accident.

When Kate takes on a case involving an injured deckhand suing the captain of the vessel where he worked, she gets a crash course in commercial fishing. And soon learns that this dispute isn't just about fishing-it-s about family.

As it turns out, Captain Maiken and the injured deckhand, Owen, are father and son, and there's bad blood between the two stemming from the accidental death of Owen's younger brother Zack. A former addict, Owen has shouldered the blame for that tragedy, but as Kate digs deeper into the Maiken history and the events surrounding Zack's death and Owen's injury, she learns that there's more to the story than meets the eye. But will Kate's discovery of the truth be enough to settle the case, and, more importantly, repair the Maikens' damaged relationship?

As Kate works on mending their fences, she and Justin also struggle to repair their own. With their divorce at last finalized, the exes will have to find a way to forge a new relationship. Meanwhile Lauren, with some nudging from Judge Nicastro, begins to realize that it might be time to move on with her own life as well.

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