• SEASON 1

EPISODE PREMIERE: March 17, 2011

Kate's best friend Julie comes to Reed & Reed for a standard prenuptial agreement. But her father – a Tae Kwan Do master – has deep suspicions of his future son-in-law. Kate investigates, determined to prove him wrong – but what she uncovers shocks everyone.

Kate learns that mixing friendship and business isn't always easy as she helps a high-school friend with her pre-nup—or more specifically, with the pre-nup her father is trying to make her sign. Joseph Chang is worried that his daughter Julie's poor, parentless fiancé Eric wants a piece of the Tae Kwon Do empire Joseph and Julie have built, and he’s prepared to do anything he can to stop that from happening—even if it means driving a wedge between his daughter and the man she loves. But Kate's not about to let that happen, and she'll do anything she can to make sure the two lovebirds—and the disapproving father—find a way to become a family. And if she has to, she might even bust out some of her old Tae Kwon Do moves. The case hits close to home for Kate, whose feelings about her own father are cloudier than ever, thanks to the information David Smith has finally handed over. Now that she's learned more about her father's dealings with Smith and the founding of Reed & Reed, Kate has discovered that the past isn't always pretty. But that doesn’t means she's willing to let go of her search for answers.

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