• SEASON 1

PILOT (#FL101)
EPISODE PREMIERE: January 20, 2011

After the sudden death of her father, San Francisco mediator Kate Reed must work with her stepmother who's the same age -- to keep his firm alive by resolving a dispute between a clothing magnate and his son, who's due to inherit the business, and hiding a dark personal secret which could ruin an innocent boy's life.

It's mediator Kate Reed's first day back at work at Reed & Reed following the death of her beloved father, the law firm's founder. But unfortunately for Kate, there's not much time for mourning: with Teddy Reed gone, Reed & Reed is under fire, and Kate's conflict resolution skills are needed more than ever.

First she's enlisted by "wicked" stepmother (and managing partner) Lauren to settle a dispute between Charles and Douglas Pease, the father and son behind Pease Inc., one of Reed & Reed's biggest clients. Doug's recent DUI is threatening to derail a buyout agreement Reed & Reed has been working on for months, and Kate's got to get to the bottom of the traffic incident, find a way for Charlie and Doug to settle their differences, and make sure everyone involved does the right thing -- whether they like it or not.

Meanwhile, Kate has also been called in to resolve a $10 million dispute between a man named Brian Michaels and the actor, waiter, and cupcake maker he's suing over a botched marriage proposal. And she's only been given a day to get the job done.

Kate certainly has her work cut out for her, but with help from loyal assistant Leonardo, supportive brother Spencer, and not-quite-ex-husband Justin -- who also happens to be an Assistant District Attorney -- she's prepared to do whatever it takes to make things right.

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