• SEASON 1

EPISODE PREMIERE: February 10, 2011

While mediating a dispute between the star of the cooking show "Burnin' with Bo" and the company releasing his barbecue sauce, Kate discovers that Bo's assistant Beth is actually the brains behind the business and that Bo's holding her up for a bigger piece of the profits. But none of this matters when someone from Beth's past emerges to claim an even bigger piece for himself.

Kate's firing up the grill and taking on a mediation between Bo, the host of a popular cooking show, and the head of a company trying to mass produce Bo's signature BBQ sauce. After 17 attempts to replicate the sauce, the two sides have been unable to agree on the recipe. That is, until Kate steps in.

The case takes a surprising turn when Kate discovers that Bo and his producer Beth aren't who they said they were. It turns out Beth is the one with the barbecue skills and the recipes; and, unfortunately, an abusive father who has just turned up wanting a cut of her money. Now, Kate's in the middle of a dangerous family dispute, and her mediation -- and the life Beth has worked so hard to build -- are threatening to go up in flames.

While Kate teaches Beth to stand up to her father, Lauren and Justin are each forced to fight their own battles. As Lauren struggles to prove herself to a misogynistic former client of Teddy's and Justin decides whether or not to defy his boss's wishes regarding a new case, it becomes clear that Beth isn't the only one getting a lesson in standing strong.

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