• SEASON 1

EPISODE PREMIERE: February 3, 2011

Kate's nemesis Judge Nicastro assigns her to mediate a case between a high school football coach and the angry parents who claim his old school methods border on abuse. When the videotaped evidence doesn't make sense to her, Kate unearths the real reason for the coach's controversial actions.

Kate is summoned to Judge Nicastro's office, and for once she's almost on time. Good thing too, since the judge isn't in the best of moods; his son's former high school football coach has run into trouble -- thanks to a damning video of him lambasting a player -- and Judge Nicastro wants Kate to resolve the conflict between Coach Gardner and the parents who are calling for his dismissal.

While Kate gets to work on the mediation, Lauren surprises her by offering to help out on a pro bono case involving a neighbor of Kate's from the dock. Is it possible Lauren's taking on this case out of the pure goodness of her heart? Possible, yes. But not likely.

Though Kate would very much like to stay on Judge Nicastro's good side, things aren't looking so good for his buddy Coach Gardner -- who's not doing himself any favors by skipping out on mediation sessions and punching one of the player's father's in the face. But when Rick, the player from the video, is rushed to the hospital after collapsing at practice, Kate makes a surprising discovery about what really happened between Rick and his coach. Now, all she has to do is find a way to resolve this conflict. And if she can't? Well, she just might find herself handcuffed to a bench. Again.

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