Lady Gaga
The recent feud between the pop superstars over their sonically-similar hits "Express Yourself" and "Born this Way" was reignited on Tuesday when footage of Madonna's concert tour rehearsal was leaked. In what was seemingly a musical jab at her younger rival, the diva was heard performing a mash-up of the two songs then segueing into her recent hit "She's Not Me."
Yes, these two songs (and their performers) share certain similarities. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Sometimes we spend so much time celebrating our differences that we forget to embrace our similarities. Both of these great songs promote strength and self-expression, and that's a message too worthwhile to get buried by bitterness. And while the stage might not be the most traditional venue for hashing out disputes, Madonna is on the right track here--I'd love to see (and hear) this feud resolved musically. So ladies, show the world that you're strong enough to rise above silly squabbles by teaming up for a joint concert promoting tolerance and harmony. I'll be first in line to buy tickets.

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