Mena Suvari
Simone Sestito
Actress Mena Suvari, who filed for divorce from her husband of 18 months in January, is facing a battle with her soon-to-be-ex over spousal support: the broke club promoter is seeking over $17,000 per month, plus $10,000 in legal fees.
Spousal support wasn't an issue in my own divorce--and thank god for that, because we had plenty of issues already--but there are situations where support claims are reasonable. I'm not sure this is one of them. Just because during his marriage Simone got used to eating "almost everyday at high end restaurants" (according to the filing) doesn't mean Mena--or Mom and Dad, who apparently have been bailing him out--owe him that continued luxury. These two need to reach an agreement and move on with their lives, and I think Mena's lawyer has the right idea: in response to Simone's filing, he said, "It is unfortunate that Simone has chosen the spotlight of litigation over the privacy of mediation." Couldn't have said it better myself, sir.

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