• SEASON 1

The T Word (#CL105)


After failing to take a trust exercise seriously earns them homework for the week, Wes and Travis' irritation quotient is doubled when a wave of home invasions pulled by a criminal crew known as "the Baby-Faces" — named for the grotesque baby-face masks they wear — brings the FBI to town. The detectives are none too thrilled at the prospect of working with the feds, but when sexy Agent Carrie D'Amico catches their eye, Wes and Travis are soon vying for her attention.

Meanwhile, it isn't long before they peg the Baby-Faces as a group of former Army Rangers. Hoping for a little insight, Travis turns to his old foster brother, Jason, who is himself, an ex-Ranger. Before long the detectives are on the trail of Richard LeVelle, a former Ranger housing enough munitions in his basement to arm a small militia. But when LeVelle's interrogation leads to some surprising information, Travis secretly begins to suspect his foster brother may have closer ties to the Baby-Faces than he originally let on...

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