• SEASON 1

Soul Mates (#CL103)

During their latest session, the group's conversation about universal fears is quickly derailed when Wes reveals he's been doing odd jobs for his ex-wife Alex. Wes claims that he's just being helpful, but the other members of the group think he's having some trouble moving on.

At the same time, Travis and Wes are called in when a lonely woman is found murdered near a local tennis court. Realizing she had been on a first date through a site called DateSalon.com, the detectives delve into the world of online dating. It isn't long before Travis and Wes turn up three suspects; unfortunately, they also inadvertently stumble across a dating profile for Wes's ex. Wes claims not to mind, but it quickly becomes clear that the idea of Alex jumping back into the dating pool is eating at him.

Meanwhile, Travis and Wes find their potential killer in a medical marijuana grower who happened to have a date with victim the night she was murdered. However, as their investigation leads them to confront the lies and truths of the online dating world, the detectives begin to think that one of the other denizens of DateSalon.com may be hiding something bigger than an airbrushed profile picture...

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