• SEASON 1

Odd Couples (#CL109)


When famous bank robber Dominic Cooper escapes from custody, the FBI calls in the LAPD to help track him down. It seems that Cooper's last score was never recovered and the Feds think that the master thief will return to LA for the money.

It doesn't take long for Wes and Travis to pinpoint where Cooper's stash is hidden, but the cunning criminal is already one step ahead and manages to escape with the loot. Travis has a hunch that Lisa, the pretty author of a book about Cooper, may be the key to catching the wily thief, and while Wes is less than convinced, Captain Sutton still approves a stakeout of the author's apartment.

Sure enough, it isn't long before Cooper tries to contact Lisa. But sharing the stakeout apartment with his slovenly partner has taken its toll on Wes, who finally goes off on Travis during group. Before long, the detectives are engaged in a full on passive-aggressive feud and manage to wreck the stakeout apartment while barely speaking to each other.

However, when Wes and Travis witness Lisa shooting Cooper dead in her apartment, they must get it together long enough to get to the bottom of the situation.

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