• SEASON 1

Joint Custody (#CL108)


Wes and Travis gain a new best friend when a K-9 officer who Travis once dated gives him temporary custody of her police dog, Hudson, after she is shot during a sting gone wrong. Travis is excited at the prospect of having a pooch around, but as Wes points out, responsibility isn't Travis's strong suit.

Sure enough, when Hudson gets in the way of date night, Travis pawns the dog off on the canine-averse Wes for the evening. However, Wes quickly takes a liking to Hudson and refuses to give him back, leading Dr. Ryan to propose a compromise: Travis takes Hudson during the day, while Wes will take him at night. As with any good compromise, neither party is happy.

Meanwhile, after their search for the shooter hits a dead end, an anonymous tip leads the detectives to a suspect and the weapon. However, while the A.D.A. is ready to close the case, Wes and Travis smell a setup, especially after the suspect passes Hudson's sniff test. And when Hudson is later found poisoned, Wes and Travis realize that their shooter may be closer than they thought.

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