Travis Marks

Don't let his laidback demeanor fool you. Although Travis Marks (Michael Ealy) can seem nonchalant about, well, everything, his fierce intelligence, natural instincts and maverick style have made him one of the best detectives on the force. A freewheeling yin to Wes's meticulous yang, Travis can see solutions that the rule-bound Wes can't, and his ease with both colleagues and witnesses alike goes a long way toward smoothing over his partner's more prickly personality.

A product of street living and the foster system, Travis has gained the uncanny ability to read people. It's a skill that he's used time and again to bust the bad guys, and to make sure that he's always got a date. However, this ladies man's habit of treating the precinct like his own personal singles bar, as well as his seeming inability to apologize for his mistakes, can often make his – and his partner's – job more difficult.

Priding himself on being the more open-minded of the team, Travis readily embraced the idea of couples counseling. But with his well-known commitment problems, it may be Travis who has a hard time sticking with the process.

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