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Whether it's the hot dance tracks playing from the Miami clubs, the reggaeton transition cues, or the beats driving the thrilling action sequences, the music of Burn Notice helps to set the unique tone for the show. Fans can now download these tracks and more at the TrueMusic Store, iTunes, & Artists featured on volume one include Young Gei, Enoch, Amy Bell, and Suzie Benson. The Burn Notice soundtrack collects songs from Season One and previews a few select tracks from Season Two.

Track Listing:

  • "Puerto Rico Mi Amor" - (Aired in 1st Season)
  • "Dejame Tocar" - (Aired in 1st Season)
  • "Fony St." - (Aired in 1st Season)
  • "Don't Rush (Remix)" - (original aired in 1st Season)
  • "Games" - (Aired in 1st Season)
  • "Senorita" - (To air in 2nd Season)
  • "Hey Now" - (To air in 2nd Season)
  • "Feeling I'm Falling" - (Aired in 1st Season)
  • "I'm In Love" - (Aired in 1st Season)
  • "Could Be Happy" - (To air in 2nd Season)

Bonus Tracks (available to consumers who buy the entire album):

  • "Back Wit It" - (Mash up remix)
  • "Filthy Rich" - (To air in 2nd Season)
  • "Public Radio" - (Aired in 1st Season)
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