Fiona Glenanne

Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) may look like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine but she's a force to be reckoned with. She was affiliated with the IRA for 14 years, but ran afoul of her old organization because she didn't like being told what to do. She has since joined Michael's team, using her skills in explosives, lock picking, tracking, weapons, and hand-to-hand combat to make a living.

Fiona is definitely a shoot first and ask questions later kind of gal. Her fearless nature is both enticing and dangerous, as she is capable of making things go "boom" very quickly. When Michael is dumped, battered and unconscious, in Miami, Fiona is called since she is still listed as his emergency contact. They were romantically involved once before, but that ended when Michael left her in Ireland without an explanation. Fiona isn't used to being rejected and the end of their relationship left her with a bruised ego.

She decided to stay in Miami to help Michael, but her reasons weren't all work related. She and Michael are working to rekindle what they once had, but dating someone trained in deception, manipulation, and covert tactics can insert trust issues into even the strongest relationship.

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